What to Consider When Hiring a Brand-Image Specialist?

As a startup, it’s important to obsess about creating a brand. It’s important to have the right logo, the right font for your company lettering so you can print the coolest shirts for your developers. It is not enough to have coffee and beer in the bridge… You need cool fashion!

Whatever it may be, the general approach is always the same and so too are the results startups are looking for. They want to increase the profitability of their business and product range. They want to gain greater exposure in their markets for less investment. And they want to cultivate and nurture their investment, such that they increase the equity value of their brand.

A smart business executive will not only recognize the value of good PR, but they will also have their eye on the development of a profitable business model, whilst perhaps even more significantly positioning the brand such that the value of equity in the business increases exponentially.

At any point in time, a business executive will want to do one of three things dependent on the changing marketplace and the interests of the shareholders:-

1. Position for new investment and Joint Venture to expand the business.

2. Position for acquisition or merger.

3. Cut costs, increase profitability and mitigate business risk.

Which ever one you as a business exec are concentrating on, it is vital that you position for optimizing the value of your brand.

This is exactly where a good brand image consultant comes in. Not that business executives do not have the collective savvy to develop and maintain the company brand image. But that a business executives day to day responsibility involves a balance between concentration on the subjective world of ‘running the business’ and the objective world of maintaining the image of the brand.

Business executives may be greatly more concentrated on the here and now, whereas brand image specialists are always concentrated on the future of the brand, albeit grounded in the present.

Contrary to popular belief, brand image specialists are not necessarily academics. Similarly, they are not necessarily specialists in a particular product or marketplace – or website designers or graphics artists. Brand Image design requires a multifaceted skills base, integrating the technical, business and social dimensions of a brand such that it is strategically balanced for optimal security and performance.

Business and real life experience is critical to becoming an effective brand image specialist and so to is having a strategically critical eye.