If I hear one more entrepreneur complain I’m going to puke

Stop your complaining.

Starting a business is hard.  There’s tons of stuff you don’t know how to do, and often, you don’t even know that you don’t know how to do it, because you don’t know that you have to do it.  You have to put yourself “out there”, expose your mistakes, your ugly UI, your unproven business model.  You have to get up in front of investors who criticize your idea, your execution, your plan, and you (you!).  You’re scared of customers but love users (nameless, faceless) because they don’t tell you that you suck (or only tell you by email).  You work a lot.

Well guess what?  You’re a whiny bum.  You read too much techcrunch.  You think your life sucks?  Shut up.

Instead why don’t you try:

  • being an actor
  • working at a call centre
  • working retail
  • picking up garbage
  • filling out forms all day
  • writing grant proposals
  • being an artist
  • being your friend husband / wife / girlfriend / boyfriend / parents having to listen to you bitch about your hard life while they work a real job

Those are all tough things too.  Lots of people work long hours.  Lots of people don’t make a lot of money.  Lots of people have “JOBS” that suck.

The difference is that you get to build your dream.  You get to wake up every morning trying to figure out how to create something important that people will love.  We live in an awesome time in history where you won’t starve, you have somewhere to live and sleep, and you can pursue your dreams with (in real terms) no real sacrifice… except it’s “hard work”.

So stop complaining, try harder, put yourself out there and make shit happen.