4 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Ghostwriter for Your Website

I was asked by interviewer how I manage to run a business and maintain a blog at the same time. The secret? I employ writers! As a startup owner or any webmaster must learn the value of outsourcing. It’s the best way to scale and grow anything, especially a website. Being a website owner or […]

Ethics Affect the Managerial Decision-Making Process

I was in a conference the other day, and the topic of ethics came up. Ethics affect the managerial decision-making process in several ways. Hiring, evaluation, discipline, and termination are all part of the managerial decision-making process that can be affected by ethics. A manager has many duties, and although a manager may not realize […]

What to Consider When Hiring a Brand-Image Specialist?

As a startup, it’s important to obsess about creating a brand. It’s important to have the right logo, the right font for your company lettering so you can print the coolest shirts for your developers. It is not enough to have coffee and beer in the bridge… You need cool fashion! Whatever it may be, […]

How Power Shifts During the Hiring Process

I was at a recent interview for an opening at Startup Ottawa. I realized I had to hire this guy this instant. He just had that presence. He understood how to handle himself, which got me thinking of how interviewees can gain leverage in any interview. Power is key in a job search, particularly when […]

Startup Guide to Hiring New Employees: Letting People Know You Are Hiring

Running a startup can be very lucrative, however, if you have employees ,the business becomes a bit more detailed. Employees are an extra expense for businesses and choosing the right employees can be a daunting task. As the Human Resources manager for a small business, I have found the following information to be helpful. By […]

How to Help Hire Your Next Boss

Last week, I spent several hours sitting in a conference room alongside my colleagues, interviewing potential candidates for a high-level position in my organization. In the professional world, this is nothing new. Many organizations conduct extensive and thorough searches when they’re trying to fill top jobs. Once the field is narrowed down to a few […]

If I hear one more entrepreneur complain I’m going to puke

Stop your complaining. Starting a business is hard.  There’s tons of stuff you don’t know how to do, and often, you don’t even know that you don’t know how to do it, because you don’t know that you have to do it.  You have to put yourself “out there”, expose your mistakes, your ugly UI, […]

Let’s get a Canadian Digital Strategy included in the election

As I might have shared in the past, I’m on the board of the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC). Our mission, among other things, is to understand our overall competitiveness as a country and foster the use of ICT in all sectors of our economy, both public and private. We have been working on […]

How to sniff out rockstar talent

TravelPod’s hiring. I’m looking for a UI Designer, 2 x Web Engineers (developers) and a Product Manager. I’ve heard the old saying many times that you can always expect to have a mix of “A” players and “B” players in any team… I get it that in medium and large companies, to grow to scale, […]

Now open: Mercury Grove, a shelter for aspiring startup entrepreneurs

As I announced at our launch party last week, we’re opening up the Mercury Grove office to innovative entrepreneurs who are looking for an alternative to the local Bridgehead or Starbucks.  It’s a funky place located downtown Ottawa (in the Glebe) with lots of place to work, a lounge, conference meeting space, a video-recording room (coming soon), and a ping-pong room.