StartupOttawa is a gathering place for startup entrepreneurs in Ottawa, Canada. What’s a startup? It’s a young, small, web-related technology company led by people who are determined to change the world despite nearly insurmountable odds.


Gregory Hand is committed to the startup lifestyle. He’s a serial entrepreneur who has started everything from a local pizza store to a Android apps for cool Canadian businesses. Cool eh? In other past lives, he’s worked as an English teacher in Kenya, a bike messenger while writing a novel in Amsterdam, a janitor at a local university, numerous bus boy jobs and a professional aviator. He’s also a published author with a master’s degree in business. He has a clean driving record, since driving his family Subaru into a ditch as a teenager.

Roy Rogier is an extremely good looking man and brilliant entrepreneur who’s only real downfall is his association with Gregory Hand. He vouches that Greg has a clean record since their teenage years together, and doesn’t regret going into that ditch on their way to a Grateful Dead concert. He loves cats. Likes dogs, but thinks their evil. Only his love for technology and devices surpass his devotion to all furry species. He has won many humanitarian awards, which include being the only freshman in his fraternity at Iowa State. He hates bacon but loves corn.

Startup Canada is Hiring

Now’s your chance!

We’re a fun-sized team, young at heart, passionate, and set on blowing the doors off this new market forming around social media! We typically hire talented people either right out of school or with a couple years on the job. There are few opportunities to kickstart your career.

Being a smaller, new company, you really get to have an impact on the group’s success, and gain exposure to a lot of things you wouldn’t normally be allowed to touch in a larger more bureaucratic company. In our growing company, we have needs for both temp staffing placements and full-time employment.

We’ve got a great work environment set up here in trendy Ottawa. Here’s a video of how cool it is being in Ottawa:

We currently have open:

  • 1 office admin
  • 3 developers
  • 1 inside sales

A Typical Week?

  • Meet with the team to revise ongoing tasks
  • Provide feedback and ideas on ways to improve products and processes
  • Interaction with artists and designers
  • Design, code, test and most importantly deliver superb mobile solutions

A Non-Typical Week?

  • Get the highest “Game Center” score of the team on Tiny Wings
  • Defeat Hades in GoW III or get the best lap time in Gran Turismo 5
  • Contribute to the construction of the WhereCloud city in MineCraft
  • Ensure your FitBit is up to date.

The Requirements?

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s in computer science, engineering or related field
  • Strong knowledge of OOP software design and patterns
  • Strong knowledge of C/C++ and/or Java (.NET is a plus)
  • Good knowledge of software testing and profiling
  • Experience with Ruby on Rails
  • Experience with Web Development (HTML/CSS/Javascript) and server-side technologies is a plus
  • Knowledge of usability and UXP is a plus
  • Good communication and writing skills

Salary and benefits?

  • Nice salary and cool group insurance
  • Between Christmas and NewYear, we don’t work but we are paid!
  • Nice vacation allocation.

Here’s a good video on helping you decide on startups vs. working at a big company:

How do I contact?

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